About Us


You have come to the right place! Needthatstyle.com is the online shopping destination for fashionable women looking for up to date style at low low prices. This entirely online, fresh new fashion brand was launched in 2017 and sells the clothing and accessories UK women have been waiting for to savvy, stylish shoppers all over the UK. 

Latest Fashion

Needthatstyle.com will always have a changing selection of clothing, allowing you to choose from all the latest fashion. Our fantastic fashion collection allows you to shop styles fresh from the catwalks and get looks that will keep you on the leading edge of every fashion trend. With new items constantly hitting the website, you will find it easier than ever to look like your favourite celebs or create your own new look for the season. 

Great Variety

Of course it could almost go without saying, but Needthatstyle.com will always have a great selection of clothing, with plenty of choices to help you keep feeling and looking like the star that you are. From head to toe, Needthatstyle.com has you covered with a wide selection of hats, scarves, gloves, coats and jackets, blazers, tops, glittering accessories, playsuits, jumpsuits, dresses, skirts, trousers, leggings, shorts and much, much more. You will easily find the perfect outfit for your every occasion and to keep you looking great whatever the circumstances. Whatever styles, colours and materials you like, you will surely find what you are looking for.

 Year Round Style

You might be looking for some bright and breezy spring fashions for those delightful spring days when you can feel as light as a feather. You might be looking for some sunny summer styles to be worn at home or on some beach abroad. You might be looking for some atmospheric autumn styles to keep you feeling awesome as the leaves change. You might be looking for winter fashion to see you through the coldest months and warm your cockles through the Christmas season and right into the new year. Whenever you are looking for a style boost, whichever season it happens to be when you need to update your wardrobe, you will find what you are looking for at Needthatstyle.com.

Affordable Fashion

Better yet, all the great variety of seasonal style you find at Needthatstyle.com is more affordable than you might ever imagine. Even those on a somewhat limited budget can always look and feel fantastic when they shop in the great range of fashion clothing from Needthatstyle.com. Save your money for having fun, whether that be during a holiday on the beach, fun with friends or dancing 'til dawn. Look and feel great for less when you shop savvy at Needthatstyle.com.

Social Media Savvy Style

Check out Needthatstyle.com social media accounts to keep up to date with the latest styles. The new Needthatstyle.com styles are regularly uploaded to our Facebook page and twitter page, making it super easy for you to be one of the first to get your hands on their great looks. With all our followers, you know that you can have confidence that our styles really are the height of fashion for those in the know and that everyone will see your fashion credentials when you wear some of the great clothes on offer from Needthatstyle.com.

Can You Buy Confidence? 

Perhaps you can't buy confidence. but a Needthatstyle.com girl knows that it is a two way street. When you feel good you look great and the opposite is also true – when you look good you can feel great too. Needthatstyle.com knows that you don't always feel at your best one hundred percent of the time but when you fake it 'til you make it the inner cool, calm, confidence will soon come. Dressing to impress and knowing that you look good can help you build your confidence and can really let you shine. Increase your confidence by getting a great Needthatstyle.com look today.

Allowing You to Be You 

The clothes you wear can really reflect who you truly are. They can tell a whole volume of stories about who you are and who you want to be. By creating your own unique, bold, signature look you can allow your true character to shine through. Shopping from the great fashion range at Needthatstyle.com allows you to be you. You can really get the confidence to allow your personality to bloom and to show that personality in what you wear. Needthatstyle.com can really help you find the right look for you. You can be you more easily than ever before when you shop at Needthatstyle.com

Needthatstyle.com is the perfect place to shop for those looking for affordable women's fashion. Needthatstyle.com Girls can feel fantastic in great variety of all the latest fashion. Here you will find affordable fashion all year round and no matter what you are looking for, you are sure to find it. Needthatstyle.com can help you increase your confidence and allow you to really be you in the perfect clothes for every occasion and shopping at this online store won't break the bank. Check out the great Needthatstyle.com fashion collection today!